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PORT-A-COOL HURRICANE 3600 - PACHR3600 Evaporative Cooler

Port-A-Cool Hurricane 3600 - PACHR3600

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  • Model: PACHR3600
  • Maximum Coverage: 3,500 sq. ft
  • Airflow: 14,500 CFM
  • Water Resevoir: 67 Gallon
  • Speeds: Variable

Port-A-Cool Factory Authorized DistributorThe Port-A-Cool PACHR3600 Hurricane 3600 Evaporative Cooler is one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly ways to keep cool, indoors or out! You can rely on this Portable Evaporative Cooler for all cooling needs during those hot summer months.

The unit is extremely powerful and cools with no harmful refrigerants! Its large airflow capacity allows for superior cooling that can cover up to 3,500-Square Ft. lowering the temperature 15 to 25 Degree. This Portable Evaporative Cooling Unit is extremely easy to prepare with built-in hose connection. Super portable and easy to move with its heavy-duty casters, it comes complete with a one year manufacturer's warranty for added peace of mind.

Remember the chill of getting out of a swimming pool on a hot day? That's natural evaporative cooling. The Port-A-Cool portable evaporative coolers create this natural effect and provide a constant flow of cool, refreshing air into hot, uncomfortable environments. The heart of the evaporative cooling system is the KUUL pad where the water evaporates and the air passing through the pads is cooled. The Port-a-Cool evaporative coolers can lower the ambient temperature an average of 20˚F, turning a restrictive 90˚F area into a comfortable 70˚F area. The operating costs of evaporative coolers are 1/3 of a central air conditioner. The initial equipment cost is also lower than air conditioners.

The new Port-A-Cool PACHR3600 Hurricane 3600 Evaporative Cooler provides the most CFM and sq. ft coverage from a 36" portable evaporative cooling unit on the marketplace worldwide.

Port-A-Cool products are manufactured in the USA in Center, Texas. The company is recognized as an industry leader with Port-A-Cool products being respected in both the United States and international marketplaces.

  • Model: PACHR3600
  • Cooling Capacity: 3,500 sq. ft.
  • Airflow: 14,500 cfm
  • Water Reservoir: 67 gallons
  • Speeds: Variable
  • Total Amps: 11.4
  • Unit Dimension: 74.25h" x 76.5"w x 35.25"d
  • Box Size: 75"h x 88"w x 38"d
  • Unit Weight: 260 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 330 lbs
  • High Volume 14,500 CFM
  • Lowers temperatures up to 30°F
  • Durable one-piece, rust-free, leak-proof molded polyethylene housing
  • Environmentally friendly efficient and effective resource use
  • Cools for a fraction of the cost of air conditioining
  • Cools without chemicals or refrigerants
  • Long-term dependability - near maintenance-free operation
  • Shipped completely assembled - ready to operate out of the box
  • UL Listed (electric models) in U.S. Canada