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Wine Cellar Coolers

Wine cellar coolers and humidifiers are the perfect option for wine storage when you are a serious collector and connoisseur and also offer options for someone just getting started with a larger collection. Whether you have a small closet you are looking to turn into a cellar or you have a large commercial application you are looking to keep your wine stored properly for we have the wine cellar cooling unit for you.

We carry some of the top brands of wine cellar coolers, which gives you multiple options on how to tailor your cellar for your style of wine drinking and storage.  For the person looking to pull from their cellar at drinkable temperatures or for larger commercial applications like restaurants where you are going to be cycling through inventory relatively quickly Whisperkool offers a great solution.  With their bottle probe technology, you can set the temperature of the wine in the bottle as opposed to trying to get close by just using the room temperature.  For the serious oenophile that is going to be aging wine for longer periods of time Wine Guardian wine room coolers offer the ability to add humidification to your system to assure those older corks won't dry out after long exposure to the cooled cellar.

Air Marketing Group offers a wide range of wine cellar cooling units and humidifiers for anyone from the serious collector looking to fine tune an existing cellar or someone just looking to get started and upgrade from a wine fridge. See our selection of wine room coolers below.