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The traditional way of purchasing and installing a Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner has been to contact a local HVAC Mechanical Contractor and request that they size the unit for the application and then give you a proposal which included the equipment and installation.

When you use this conventional approach you are paying a markup on the Ductless AC and also the installation. If you would like to save the markup that the contractor charges for purchasing the Mini Spit Air Conditioner we can help.

We are a factory authorized Manufacturer's Representative and Distributor of many of the main brands of Ductless Air Conditioners such as Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Frigidaire, Quietside, Pridiom and YMGI.

All of our products are dropped shipped to you directly from each manufacturer’s warehouse and are new, current production models with the factory warranty.

We can calculate the correct size Ductless Mini Split for your application and then supply it to you at same cost the contractor pays at his distributor, saving you the profit the contactor would have charged you to purchase the unit . This is where you save money!

You can then call a local HVAC Mechanical Contractor and just pay for the installation of the Ductless Air Conditioner, not the profit on the equipment!

As long as you use a legitimate contractor to do the installation, the equipment you purchase from us is protected by the complete factory warranty!

Please take a look at our Ductless Air Conditioner Section: http://www.amgair.com/ductless-air-conditioners.ht...

You can also contact us at 800-782-9175, if you would liek to discuss your project.

How we demonstrate the efficiency of an IQAir HealthPro Air Purifier

We originally became a dealer of the IQAir Air Purification Units in 1998 way before the web was the dominant source for information and sales of the product. The way we sold the units at that time was to take the unit along with a handheld particle meter out to a potential customer. The particle [...]

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1. Study Up – Find out if they are a licensed contractor and if there is special insurance and permits required for them to do work on your home. Also take note of exactly what you are looking to accomplish by having them do the work on your home and note and problem areas in [...]

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10 Things to Consider When Sizing an Indoor Pool Dehumidifier

There are a few things you need to know before you contact the company that will help you size the proper indoor pool dehumidifier. Having this information in advance will save time and make things easier for both you and the sales person.1. Room Size - The size of the room (cu.ft) is a very [...]

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Advantages of Using a Commercial Quality Dehumidifier

When controlling the air quality of a single room or a small space such as a studio apartment or storage space, you may believe that an inexpensive store bought dehumidifier is enough. However, these small, cheaper models will have to work harder, causing them to break down sooner and use more energy than one adequately [...]

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Air Marketing Group supports the troops

Air Marketing Group is proud to announce that we have provided multiple LG mini split units to the US Military at Camp Phoenix in Kabul, Afghanistan. The LG mini splits are being used to cool and heat the new west expansion of Camp Phoenix, which is the home of the Combined Joint Task Force, and [...]

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The Origin of PTAC Units

Walk into any hotel room, and you will likely encounter a packaged terminal air conditioner, otherwise known as a "PTAC Unit".  The convenience of these units is that they help to keep each room individually at a stable temperature, no matter what the weather outside is like.  They help to reduce the overall energy bills by only [...]

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When to Use a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier can make a huge difference when it comes to respiratory problems, allergies and industrial and commercial settings.  Especially in larger buildings, air pollutants can be kept at a more manageable level, which improves the quality.Dehumidifiers are also a great tool to implement in residential applications as well; if you own a home, it is [...]

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Air Purifiers: Get One For Your Allergies!

Allergies can be one of the more debilitating sicknesses when it comes to day to day living.  They can cause a host of issues such as sinus headaches and pressure, runny eyes, a constantly stuffy nose and can lower one's immune system.  So when it comes to keeping the air within your home dust, dirt and mold-free, [...]

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Heating and Cooling: Everyday Usage

Reliance upon air conditioning and heating units has increased throughout the world, no matter where one resides.  In 1990, the percentage of the Chinese population that utilized conditioning units was only 1%; by the year 2003, the number increased dramatically to 63%.  America is by far the leader in the use of cooling throughout the [...]

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