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How we demonstrate the efficiency of an IQAir HealthPro Air Purifier


We originally became a dealer of the IQAir Air Purification Units in 1998 way before the web was the dominant source for information and sales of the product. The way we sold the units at that time was to take the unit along with a handheld particle meter out to a potential customer. The particle meter would allow us to show in our demonstration the current particle count in the room we were in and the discharge particle count of the unit, which would be 0, yes 0. Since most air purifiers generally look good and don't make too much noise, we felt this was the best way to prove that the unit was working correctly and not just looking and sounding good. By the way, while the unit was running during our demonstration the room particle count would start to drop as further proof of the effectiveness of the unit.

The features that we would go over in our presentation included the following:

1. 5 year manufacturer's warranty

2. Wireless remote control with on/off, and speed control

3. Gasket - less male and female section fittings

4. Caster wheels included

5. The power plug for the unit is a standard desktop PC power plug, helpful if it was ever to be damaged, you could replace it yourself as it just plugs into the back of the unit.

6. Built in computer to calculate the remaining life in hours for each of the filters in the unit. (fan indicator will change from green to yellow to red then blinking red to let you know filter life at a glance.)

7. Various accessories available such as air intake and exhaust duct to conceal the unit in a closet, wall mount shelf, coarse dust pre filter.

8. All IQAir units are test run at the factory and a report showing the units overall efficiency with the filters installed is included with every unit. It is important to know that the unit is operating efficiently and that no air is bypassing the filters.

As you can tell by this post, we are not just a website selling this product, we have had real world hands on experience and would be happy to answer any questions on this product.