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Friedrich PDE09R3SG 9K Electric Heat PTAC 265V

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  • Model: PDE09R3SG
  • CONTROL TYPE: Digital
  • EER: 12.1
  • POWER CORD plug-lcdi-7-20p.jpg NEMA 7-20P
  • VOLTAGE: 265V/1

Engineered for quieter performance, the Friedrich PDE09R3SG 9K Electric Heat PTAC features a tangential blower wheel, universal heater options, and modular component design for easier service. Commercial grade quality PTAC utilizes a modular design that provides easy access to key components. Key components can be easily accessed by your maintenance team so units can be removed, serviced and placed back in service faster. Commercial grade quality components provide reliable performance in even the most extreme climates.



Hotels focused on maximizing room revenues and minimizing guest complaints buy Friedrich PTAC:

  • Curved coil design of the SG series maximizes the internal surface area to deliver higher efficiencies
  • Stainless steel endplates on the coils for better corrosion resistance
  • Galvanized, zinc-coated steel wall sleeves
  • Tangential fan provides quiet, yet powerful airflow that quickly reaches all corners of the room
  • Two motor design for quieter indoor sound levels
  • Thick insulation on the inner walls reduce sound transfer into the room
  • Constant Fan mode produces a steady stream of white noise in both cooling and heating modes
  • Industry-leading 2-year parts and labor and 5-year limited warranty.

Durable & Reliable Construction:

  • Stainless steel endplates reduce outdoor coil corrosion.
  • Galvanized zinc coated steel wall sleeve and steel base pan undergo an 11-step preparation process, are powder coated with a polyester finish and cured in an oven for exceptional durability.
  • Additional heating element bottom plate above an improved heat shield provides extra thermal protection.
  • Additional thermistor on the blower scroll outlet regulates internal temperature.
  • Factory run-tested units reduce problems in the field.
  • Internal diagnostic program can alert maintenance to component failures or operating problems. Fourteen numeric service error codes stored in memory facilitate rapid unit diagnostics.
  • Easy access filters simplify maintenance and extend the life of the product.
  • Room freeze protection initiates heat if temperature falls to 40°F in an unoccupied room.
  • Random compressor restart protects electrical systems from overload when power is restored.
  • Tamper-resistant, anodized stamped aluminum grille withstands chalking and oxidation.
  • Break-proof control door design maintains the integrity of the unit.
  • Indoor coil frost sensor protects the compressor to lengthen the life of the unit.
  • Diamonblue Technology protects the outdoor coil from harsh environments.

Warranty and Support:

  • SIndustry leading warranty features 2-year full warranty on parts and labor and 5-year limited warranty.
  • Nationwide service network and U.S. based Friedrich expert technical team ensures you get fast, knowledgeable service.

Energy Efficient & Energy Smart:

  • Super-efficient refrigeration design with EERs up to 13.0 and COP up to 3.6.
  • Exceptional FriedrichLink® energy management thermostats available (wired & wireless) with integrated occupancy sensor, five distinct energy presets and comprehensive remote management capability.
  • Advanced coil design adds more surface area leading to higher efficiencies.
  • Thicker steel inner-wall and foam construction decreases thermal transfer and energy loss.
  • Energy efficient heat pump models available in our complete line.
  • Electronic defrost control ensures more run time in efficient heat pump mode.
  • Electronic temperature limiting to adjust low/high temperature range limits for reduced energy usage.
  • Slinger ring technology in condensate removal system cools the coil and increases efficiency.
  • Desk control ready to allow hotel owners to control units from a central location.

Sound Reduction Technology:

  • Two permanently lubricated fan motors for added durability and reduced sound levels indoors.
  • Quiet, efficient rotary compressor mounted with vibration isolators to keep the compressor running smoothly and quietly.
  • High-density insulation and steel inner wall block outdoor noise.
  • Tangential blower wheel creates a wide path air flow that reaches the furthest corner of the guest room more quietly than conventional fans.

Comfort, Health & IAQ:

  • Dehumidification removes up to 3.2 pints/hour of moisture in cool mode to improve comfort and reduce the chance of mold and mildew growth.
  • Constant Fan mode provides continuous fan operation in cooling or heating modes to create a steady stream of white noise that masks sound level changes when the compressor cycles on/off.
  • Fresh air damper brings in fresh outside air when desired.
  • Intuitive unit controls are user friendly with easy-to-read LED display that can show either set-point or actual room temperature as selected by owner.
  • Anti-microbial air filters are easy to access and washable.
  • Instant Heat on heat pump models quickly heats a room to the desired temperature for increased comfort.
  • Even-heat monitoring checks room temperature and automatically adds heat boost if necessary.
  • Automatic periodic sampling of room temperature to ensure desired conditions are maintained.
  • Reversible indoor air louvers to easily change direction of airflow.

Ease of Maintenance & Installation:

  • Modular product design ensures easy access to key components for cleaning and repairs; including washable, lift-out air filters.
  • Remote thermostat pop-out wiring module allows easier wiring and unit change out without rewiring thermostat.
  • Standard heat output power cord comes attached to the unit.
  • Compact front is designed to preserve indoor floor space with a depth of 7¾ inches.
  • Faultless Sure-hold front cover system securely attaches the front each time.
  • Inner wall service plate provides service access to tangential blower bearing without having to open up the entire inner wall.
  • Unit may be installed flush with the floor.

Save big on energy without compromising guest comfort:

  • FriedrichLink® Thermostats, the Energy Management Solution for Friedrich PTAC
  • Real Time Motion and Thermal Occupancy Sensor: Integrated Occupancy Sensor uses a combination of motion and thermal sensing technologies for accurate occupancy detection at all times - no need to install additional devices such as door switches or sensors.
  • Wired or Wireless Installation: Wired or wireless connectivity with extensive configuration options deliver full compatibility and easy integration with virtually any packaged HVAC system.
  • 5 Energy Savings Presets: 5 distinct energy saving modes make it easy to choose the optimal energy saving settings for any property.
  • Remote Management: Web-based remote management provides expansive solutions for remote monitoring and configuration from any computer connected to the internet. Built-in Wireless Networking enables remote management without using or interfering with property’s existing wireless infrastructure. True mesh networking eliminates the need for additional networking equipment such as signal repeaters or multiple data collection boxes.

Friedrich’s EMRT1 and EMWRT1 thermostats use real-time motion and thermal occupancy detection to save energy. When the room is unoccupied, the thermostat automatically adjusts the temperature to eliminate unnecessary heating and cooling.


  • System Model#: PDE09R3SG
  • Refrigerant: R410A
  • EER: 12.1
  • Cooling Capacity (BTU): 9,400 BTU
  • Electric Heat Capacity: 3.5 KW


  • Control Type : Digital


  • Cooling Capacity (BTU/H): 9,400 BTU
  • Cooling Watts: 775 Watts
  • Moisture Removal: 2.1 Pints/Hr
  • Sensible Heat Ration: 0.85
  • Air Circulation: 300 CFM
  • Indoor CFM High: 355
  • Indoor CFM Low: n/a
  • Vent CFM: 75
  • R-410A Charge: 24 oz


  • Voltage (1 PHASE, 60 Hz): 265
  • Volt Range: 292-239
  • Current (Amps): 3.3
  • Power factor: 0.97
  • Compressor LRA: 13.5
  • Compressor RLA: 3.0
  • Outdoor Fan Motor, HP: 0.080
  • Reverse Heating Amps: 18.9|13.1|9.3
  • Reverse Heating Watts: 5000/3450/2450


  • Item (W x H x D) (inches): 42 x 16 x 13-3/4
  • Packing (W x H x D) (inches): 45 x 17-7/8 x 25-1/4
  • Net Weight (lbs.): 115
  • Shipping Weight (lbs.): 135
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