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DCA - Dehumidifier Corporation of America, Inc.

Dehumidifier Corporation of America, Inc. manufactures dehumidifiers for indoor swimming pools, commercial/industrial dehumidification, make-up air, water treatment facilities and custom applications. Dehumidifier Corporation of America, Inc. dehumidification systems are used throughout the world to control moisture and humidity in hotels, fitness centers, warehouses, libraries, computer rooms and more!

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  • Current R-407C Models
  • Discontinued R-22 Models
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ModelSpecificationsDimensional Drawings
DCA 650T/DCA 650TWH Series Specifications DCA 650T
DCA 900T/DCA 900TWH Series Specifications DCA 900T
DCA 1500T/DCA 1500TWH Series Specifications DCA 1500T
 DCA 1500TWH
DCA 2000T/DCA 2000TWH Series Specifications DCA 2000T
 DCA 2000TWH
DCA 2500T/DCA 2500TWH Series Specifications DCA 2500T
 DCA 2500TWH
DCA 3000T/DCA 3000TWH Series Specifications DCA 3000T
 DCA 3000TWH
DCA 3300T/DCA 3300TWH Series Specifications DCA 3300T
 DCA 3300TWH
DCA 3500T/DCA 3500TWH Series Specifications DCA 3500T
 DCA 3500TWH
DCA 3600T/DCA 3600TWH Series Specifications DCA 3600T
 DCA 3600TWH
DCA 4100T/DCA 4100TWH Series Specifications DCA 4100T
 DCA 4100TWH
DCA 4400T/DCA 4400TWH Series Specifications DCA 4400T
 DCA 4400TWH
DCA 4800T/DCA 4800TWH Series Specifications DCA 4800T
 DCA 4800TWH
DCA 5500T/DCA 5500TWH Series Specifications DCA 5500T
 DCA 5500TWH
DCA 7000T/DCA 7000TWH Series Specifications DCA 7000T
 DCA 7000TWH
DCA 8000T Series Specifications DCA 8000T
DCA 9000T Series Specifications DCA 9000T
DCA 11000T Series Specifications DCA 11000T
DCA 14000T Series Specifications DCA 14000T


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