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Replacement Pool Dehumidifiers

  • PoolPak
  • Desert Aire
  • Dectron
  • Dry Aire
  • Des Champs
  • Dumont
  • APR
  • DEC
  • Seresco


State-Of-The-Art Replacement Dehumidifiers

Dehumidifier Corporation of America offers replacement dehumidifiers for a number of dehumidifier manufacturers. Dehumidifier Corporation's Wisconsin facility embodies the latest refrigeration manufacturing practices and techniques. Our skilled craftsmen, many with over twenty years of experience in the industry, make sure that each DCA replacement dehumidifier is built to the highest of industry standards. Exhaustive quality control techniques assure that our replacement dehumidifier units perform to the highest expectations for many years.

The finest warranty in the industry

At Dehumidifier Corporation of America we offer a "No Quibble" 3-Year Parts Warranty on all replacement dehumidifiers and remote condensers we manufacture. No other replacement dehumidifier manufacturer currently offers a warranty this comprehensive. The courteous and trained staff at Dehumidifier Corporation of America can solve your most difficult moisture control problems. Over three decades of experience is available just for the asking. Contact us for a FREE ANALYSIS of your replacement dehumidifier needs!

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