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Heating and Cooling: Everyday Usage


Image of: Green earth with plug in it.

Reliance upon air conditioning and heating units has increased throughout the world, no matter where one resides.  In 1990, the percentage of the Chinese population that utilized conditioning units was only 1%; by the year 2003, the number increased dramatically to 63%.  America is by far the leader in the use of cooling throughout the world; if the demand grew in each country to the same size as America's, the demand would rise to be at least fifty times greater.  This could mean that energy consumption would dramatically increase, creating a greater demand that could lead to more pollution.

On a smaller-scale level, however, there are plenty of ways for individual homeowners and businesses alike to adjust their habits to both save money and keep cool or warm at the same time.  Check out these tips:


Conventional air conditioning units, evaporative cooling units and ductless mini split air conditioners need maintenance to stay in efficient working order.  Whether it's cleaning the air filters, removing obstructions or using a unit as little as possible, keeping up on its working order will yield you a better-working product. 


Whether you want to cool or heat a room, consider turning the appliances off while gone during the day.  If you wake up in the morning and are cold, take the opportunity to perform a vigorous exercise routine for 20 to 30 minutes to get the blood pumping; warmer clothing can be useful as well.  To cool off, keep ice water handy or take a cold shower to beat the heat. 


As opposed to utilizing a large-scale central heating or air conditioning system within a building, room-to-room units can be far more efficient.  The investment would be cheaper as well, saving money in the overall process.  For a homeowner or business, this method could end up being the best decision in the long run. 

There are other methods of reducing energy reliance such as investing in solar panels to provide a cleaner and cheaper method of electricity.  Ultimately, air conditioning units will be here to stay, far into the future; try some of these methods out for your next winter or summer and check out the results.