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10 Things to Consider When Sizing an Indoor Pool Dehumidifier

2nd Dec 2014

There are a few things you need to know before you contact the company that will help you size the proper indoor pool dehumidifier. Having this information in advance will save time and make things easier for both you and the sales person.

1. Room Size - The size of the room (cu.ft) is a very important part of selecting the proper indoor pool dehumidifier that a lot of people overlook. This is how you determine how many times the air in the room will be processed by the dehumidifier every hour. If it's to low the unit won't work properly, to high and it gets uncomfortable for the people using the pool.

2. Surface Area of the Pool - This measurement is going to tell us how much moisture the pool is giving off when combined with a few other numbers. Depth doesn't matter because only the very surface of the pool is going to evaporate into the space. For Example a 10 x 10 x 10 pool and a 10 x 10 x 100 pool are going to give off the same amount of moisture. Depth of the pool is not needed.

3. Temperature of the Room and the Pool - This is one of the most important parts of calculating how much moisture needs to be removed from the room. A higher room temperature is actually better than a colder room temperature. The warmer the air the more efficient the dehumidifier. For the pool temperature, the warmer the water the more moisture it puts into the air due to evaporation and this will increase your need for dehumidification. In a perfect world you would aim for 84F air and 82F water, that way when you get out of the pool you don't feel cold. Whirlpools / Jacuzzis water temperature is usually kept at 104 F.

4. How much glass do you have? You will need to know the square footage of all windows and doors including skylights in the pool room.

5. Average number of people using pool. Since people exhale moisture and also will “kick up” water when they play in the pool, it is important for the calculation of the correct unit for the number of people using the pool to be supplied to the salesperson.

6. Can the Unit Fit Inside The Equipment Room? - If there isn't enough space in you pool room / equipment room or the doors are too small for the unit to fit through, you will have purchased a unit you cannot use or you might have to break open a wall to accommodate the unit. If the required unit is too big to fit inside almost all units are also available for outdoor installation.

7. Do you need the Dehumidifier to Cool / Heat the Space? - Indoor Pool Dehumidifiers can also act as heaters and "air conditioners" when combined with the right equipment. We always recommend having a remote condenser included with the dehumidifier. A remote condenser is like the outdoor unit of your central air conditioning system and will reject any excess heat above the room air temperature design point.

8. What Electric do you have on Site? - The voltage and phase of your electric is an important but easily over looked part of the selection process. Most homes have 208/1 electric available.

9. Digital Controls – The days of the old manual thermostat and humidistat are pretty move over and the industry has moved on to both digital humidistats and thermostats, these last longer are more accurate and do not wear out.

10. What is Your Budget - Have a realistic budget in mind before you go through the process of asking for a proposal. Most indoor pool dehumidification systems will run at least $10,000 plus installation.

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