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AllerAir 6000 DS

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  • Ideal for removing odor, fine particles and dangerous chemicals in second-hand smoke
  • Maximum Coverage: 1800 sq. ft.
  • Carbon Weight: 28 lbs
  • Carbon Bed Depth: 3"

The AllerAir 6000 DS is an air purifier tailored specifically for cigar and cigarette smoke, this exceptional unit removes harmful chemicals, particles and lingering odors. It features a significant 28 lb. deep-bed carbon filter, a tar-trapping pre-filter and a micro-HEPA for particles.

D Class

All models in the D class will provide protection in areas where heavy concentrations of chemicals or odors are present. The main difference between the two is the saturation point of the activated carbon filter. The DX offers the most carbon and the deepest filter bed allowing it to absorb more toxins than the D model.

Filter Depth

A unit's filter depth is key to its adsorption capacity. Customize your unit with a 2.5"(regular), 3"(deep or "D") or 3.5"(extra-deep or "DX") carbon bed filter to maximize its chemical-adsorption efficiency.

UV Light

Customize your air purifier with a UV light to provide additional protection from viruses, mold and bacteria. Add a photocatalytic to your UV option for the most advanced protection!

AllerAir 6000 Series Air Purifiers

Heavy-duty Air Filtration for Large, Severely Contaminated Environments

The 6000 series features a selection of heavy-duty air purifiers, ideal for large homes, business and industries.

With up to 36 pounds of activated carbon, these units feature the most filtration media available for chemical and odor adsorption, as well as a HEPA filtration system for airborne particles.

Choose from our 6000 series for severely contaminated environments, areas with continuous sources of pollution or for the most complete protection available.

Why AllerAir Air Purifiers

Backed by unparalleled expertise in air quality control and a superior filtration system, AllerAir air cleaners are individually customized to target the airborne pollutans of concern in the environment. Our units offer more filtration media than any other manufacturer, with the deepest carbon bed filters for chemicals, gases and odors, and superior medical-grade HEPA filters for aprticle control.

Cleaner Indoor Air

Clean air is recognized as a vital component for overall comfort, workplace health and safety as well as productivity. According to research from leading organizations like the EPA, WHO and Health Canada, indoor air pollution may pose more of a public health riskk in North America than outdoor air pollution.

Green Features

  • All-metal housing
  • Ozone-free filtration technology
  • Energy efficient
  • Refillable carbon canisters
  • Styrofoam free
  • North American sourced parts and materials
  • North American assembly
  • Filtration System 28 lb. carbon filter, 3" depth, micro-HEPA wrap rated at 99% efficient at 0.1 microns, Tar-trapping pre-filter
  • Carbon Weight 28 lbs.
  • Surface Area of Carbon Media 3500 ac.
  • HEPA N/A
  • Surface Area of HEPA Media N/A
  • Micro-HEPA Material rated at 99% efficient at 0.1 microns
  • CFM 400
  • Speed 3-speed
  • UV Lamp Available
  • Photocatalytic Available
  • Available Colors Black, Sandstone, White
  • Voltage 115/60Hz or 230/60Hz
  • Amps 1.3/0.5
  • Cord Length 8 feet
  • Decibel Level 50-75 dB
  • Maneuverability 4 x 2" wheels
  • Filter Access Pre-filter bottom no tools, Main filters bottom with screws
  • Motor Details Motor with a blower wheel
  • Dimensions 23.5" (height) x 15" (diameter)
  • Shipping Weight Approx. 58 lbs. 2 Boxes
  • Operating Weight 50 lbs.
  • Number of Units per Pallet Multiple
  • CSA/UL Yes

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