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Amana Air Conditioners

amana-logo-186-hr-1-.jpgFounded in 1934, Amana has been manufacturing air conditioners for a long time. With that experience, you get product from an industry leader, known for its durability and range of unique features. Amana air conditioners essentially comes in three types: PTAC’s (packaged terminal air conditioner), TTW (through the wall air conditioner) and WRAC (window room air conditioner).

Amana’s PTAC air conditioners are most commonly found in commercial applications such as hotels, offices, apartment building and dormitories. They are known for their sturdy construction, ease of installation and longevity. When using a PTAC unit, the ease of replacement is a big selling feature as the size is fairly standard throughout the industry. Amana PTAC units offer some unique features such as their Digismart technology, which allows for things like occupancy sensors and tracking usage utilizing a BMS or building management system which can cut costs in hotels.

Amana TTW air conditioners can be used in either commercial or residential applications and are essentially a window air conditioner designed to go through the wall. These are perfect if you don’t want to worry about taking the system out when winter comes. Additionally, Amana TTW air conditioners have 115V options for homes that do not have 208/230V service or where PTAC units cannot be used.

Of all Amana air conditioners, the WRAC is most commonly used in homes. They are easy to install, quiet and the cheapest of all units when it comes to initial investment. They come in cooling only models as well as models with electric heat and ones that have a heat pump, which allows the refrigeration cycle to run in reverse and provides cost effective heat in the cooler seasons.