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Water Extractors

When it comes to flood remediation and removing standing water from stubborn carpets water extractors are essential.  They utilize a pumpout system to suction the water directly from the carpet and remove it from the space entirely.  With a few versions at Air Marketing Group from the ride on Rover Extractor to the extraction wand we have the tool you need for jobs big or small.

The rover extractor is better utilized for large jobs but still packs down with a small footprint for easy storage at your shop or in your truck.  Using separate drive wheels gives it unsurpassed maneuverability which comes in handy when dealing with corners and tight spots.  The polymer glide seals not only seal firmly to help with extraction but they are easily replaceable for when they wear out.  Lastly the clear intake tube makes monitoring the extraction easy to do.

The extraction wand is more like a vacuum in the case that it is a handheld option for extraction.  You can use the rotomolded handle in both the right and left hand just as comfortably and the instant release lever means no bending over or tilting the tool to reposition.  This portable carpet extractor has a replaceable guide and cleanable head makes maintenance a breeze and the view window in the head shows the extraction process so you can keep an eye on your progress.  View both below and choose the best carpet extractor for your needs.