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Specialty Drying

Specialty drying equipment is primarily designed for the restoration and flood remediation industry.  It encompasses many different types of equipment from your standard dehumidifiers and air movers to more unique product like drying panels, moisture meters and instruments to help find where the problems are coming from and even large scale heaters.

One of the most useful pieces of drying equipment is an air-mover working in tandem with panels or a nozzle kit.  Panels can direct the over the specific surface that is having the issues with moisture and nozzle kits can increase the feet per minute of the air and get behind walls to make sure all your problem areas are covered.

A unique item is the mobile furnace which can be used in low temperature restoration applications where the temperature is too low for proper drying to take place.  By discharging large quantities of heated air, sometimes upwards of 120 F, you can increase your moisture removal rate significantly and speed the completion of the project.

Air Marketing Group carries all your specialty drying needs and offers quantity discounts when working with restoration and remediation companies.  We are a one stop shop for all your needs when it comes to solving moisture problems in your customer’s home or business.