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Therma-Stor Dehumidifiers

Thermastor – HI-E DRY dehumidifiers control damaging moisture and humidity in a wide range of commercial applications. High efficiency dehumidifiers by Therma-Stor operate in a variety of conditions, including lower temperatures down to 35°F, offering the best combination of operating temperature range, efficiency, water removal capacity, and low unit cost. Below is a list of typical HI-E DRY commercial applications.

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Why buy a HI-E Dry Dehumidifier?

Low Unit Cost
HI-E DRY dehumidifiers utilize heat transfer innovations that dramatically improve performance. This enables Therma-Stor to build higher capacity dehumidifiers with smaller refrigeration systems. That results in lower equipment cost.

Low Installation Cost
A smaller refrigeration system requires a smaller electrical load. The HI-E DRY model 195 removes over 183 pounds of water a day (80°F 60% RH) while drawing only twelve amps of electricity. The HI-E DRY 195 plugs into a 115 volt 15 amp outlet, and provides all the humidity control necessary for a 440 square foot pool. (82°F Air Temp., 80°F Water Temp. 60% Relative Humidity)

Low Operating Cost
HI-E DRY dehumidifiers remove two to three times more water per kilowatt hour of electricity than conventional dehumidifiers. Annual energy savings from controlling the humidity of a 440 square foot pool would be about 15,000 KWH., or $1,200.00 at $0.08 KWH.