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We carry two main types of instruments, particle counters for when air quality is your concern and moisture meters for when you are dealing with water in places it shouldn’t be.

Particle counters are exactly what they sound like, an instrument that counts the quantity of particles in the air.  By utilizing a laser, the particles pass through that light source and the light is redirected to a detector which calculates the quantity of particles in the air.  Excellent when trying to nail down just how high or low your air quality really is and also can show the effects of a properly sized air purifier.

Moisture meters again do as their namesake suggest, they can provide an accurate reading of how much moisture is in a specific spot.  There are essentially two different types of moisture meter non-invasive and one that uses an actual probe inserted into the location you are monitoring.  The non-invasive type uses an RF measurement system.

Air Marketing Group carries these and other instruments that are of use to any HVAC contractor, restoration company or even home owner.