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Air Movers

Air movers are a product that has a significant range of uses.  They can be used for drying, fume removal, spot cooling and just moving air as their namesake suggests. 

Also called carpet dryers, water damage air movers can be utilized in lieu of a dehumidifier when you have water on carpets and floors or in tandem to improve the drying capability of your dehumidifiers by providing a higher evaporation rate factor to the water that is still standing. 

Air moving equipment is great at fume removal in almost any industrial application by providing a high CFM in a relatively small package and certain air movers are ductable which makes directional airflow a possibility. 

Spot cooling is another solution these types of fans excel at, in large industrial and commercial spaces it isn’t realistic or cost effective to air condition the entire space.  Air moving equipment provides a low-cost option to move a lot of air where employees are stationary to provide relief from those hot summer months by lowering body temperatures.

Finally, the most obvious use is air movement, anytime you need to put air from one spot and move it to another you aren’t going to find a better solution.

Air Marketing Group carries top of the line air movers in several different configurations to solve any problem you might have.