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3000 BTU Units

The 3000 BTU wine cellar cooler is a perfect solution for the person getting started and expanding past a wine fridge or just someone that doesn’t hold a lot of bottles at one time.  Good for around a 100-sq. ft. cellar the 3000 BTU systems are ideal to keep your wine at the perfect temperature for drinking and/or aging.  For a cellar that is used strictly to pull and drink from like a restaurant application you’re good to go with just a 3000 BTU wine cellar air conditioner.  When it comes to aging bottles and storing older wines, we recommend using a humidifier in tandem with the wine cooling unit to prevent corks from drying out and ruining the wine.  

Air Marketing Group has a few versions of the 3000 BTU wine cooling units to suit your needs.  First would be the completely ducted system where both your evaporator side and condenser side would be connected to duct work, next is a ducted system where you only connect the evaporator side to duct and leave the condenser side in an open-air configuration (best utilized when the unit is being placed in an unused utility room where heat won’t be a problem) and last would be the through the wall unit, utilized where space around the cellar is at a premium and cost of installation is a concern.  Shop our selection of 3000 BTU wine cellar air conditioners below.