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YMGI Ductless Mini Splits

YMGI Group designs, manufactures and sells air conditioners and mini split AC heat pumps of all types for residential, light commercial, institutional, hospitality, industrial and other applications. Our HVAC & R products are environment, installer and user friendly and of the best value.

A YMGI mini split or mini split AC heat pump is always a great choice when it comes to installing an air conditioning unit, and they are often used in a room to room capacity. Whether it is residential, commercial or industrial, ductless AC heat unit can get the job done.

For all your YMGI mini split or ductless AC heat unit needs, contact us at 1(800)782-9175, or feel free to browse our website to select what you need. We carry the highest quality name brands, and we are completely confident in our ability to provide you with excellent service.

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