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williams-logo.jpgStarted in 1916 Willams has been a leader in the HVAC industry for more than 100 years.  Providing multiple products for all your HVAC needs Williams was truly a pioneer.  Select from their wide range of dehumidifiers, air curtains and furnaces all from a reliable manufacturer with top quality product.

Their dehumidifiers are cost effective solutions to keep your humidity under control.  Compact and ductable they are a great solution if you are looking to tie in to your existing central HVAC system for whole home or building dehumidification.

Perfect for restaurants, offices, retail locations and even your general warehouse spaces Williams air curtains create a perfect barrier for keeping outside air out and inside air in.  Cut down on your cooling and heating bills by making sure the air your controlling stays where it should.  Also used in hospitals and restaurants they are great at keeping things more sanitary preventing germs, dirt, dust and insects from making it inside where they are unwanted.

When it comes to furnaces, Williams is one of the leaders of the industry. Williams has been building industrial furnaces for 100+ years, while offering cost effective solutions for all heating needs. Williams furnaces and gas heaters come in a range of sizes so you can tailor the heater to your space. They are compact, economical to run and come in both gas and electric so you can use them anywhere. Williams even has vent free furnace options if you are looking for something simple to install. They also allow for both natural gas and propane fuel types so any home can utilize a Williams gas heater.

A Wide Range of Products for All Your HVAC Needs

Air Marketing Group carries lots of different types of products which can aid in everything from air purifiers for your bedroom or home, dehumidification of a small crawlspace or basement, cooling a home, keeping your wine at the right temperature and even large commercial projects like HVAC for hotels, desiccant dehumidifiers for large pharmaceutical applications, server room air conditioning and much more.

Our largest product category would be dehumidifiers, we carry all the top brands and offer only the best commercial and industrial grade dehumidifiers to use anywhere you need including your home. Unlike the off the shelf units you might find at a big box store, our dehumidifiers are built to last, originally being intended for harsh environments like water treatment plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing, indoor growing applications and more they are more than capable of being put in residential applications as well. We carry a dehumidifier for every need, portable dehumidifiers, crawl space dehumidifiers, basement dehumidifiers, ductable dehumidifiers, desiccant dehumidifiers and that is just to name a few.

Air Marketing Group also carries many different types of air conditioners including ductless mini splits, PTAC's, portable air conditioners and more. Ductless air conditioners are becoming more popular in the US every day because of their high energy efficiency, quiet operation and easy installation. We carry all the top brands, get with the times and get yours today. PTAC's are also a great solution if you're looking for a low cost option and are also great for providing heat in the winter time. Mostly used as hotel and motel air conditioners the through the wall installation and simple 208/230 V plug make putting these in and replacing them a breeze. Portable air conditioners are mostly used when access to the outside or windows is limited, in emergency situations when your air conditioning has failed or as spot coolers, where instead of cooling a much larger space like a warehouse or loading dock, you direct cool air over an area where people are located.

We have air purifiers for anything from a small bedroom to large commercial units meant for serious air filtration in extreme environments. Most of our units provide both HEPA filtration, for all of your particulates like pollen, pet dander and dust and carbon filtration which would take care of all your VOC's or volatile organic compounds like the smell after you paint or put in new carpet. Air purifiers are a must if you or your children suffer from allergies or asthma and with a relatively low up-front cost and the top brands you should get one today and save your health.

Wine Cellar Coolers are another large category for us, we carry two of the top brands in the entire industry and have every type of unit you could possibly need for any cellar size. All of our cellar coolers are selected by an expert to make sure you are getting the right piece of equipment for your application, with a range of ducted, split and through the wall wine cellar coolers and options for monitoring and humidification you don't need to look anywhere else if you're a wine lover and want to protect your investment.