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Residential furnaces come in a wide range of types and Air Marketing Group carries a variety, including natural gas furnaces, to suit any of your heating needs.  Its space saving design makes it ideal for when you don’t want to sacrifice wall space and even comes available with a wall thermostat for easy controls. 

Ideal for when space is an issue is our vent free furnace options, coming in either blue flame or infrared.  With no need to vent these to the outside you just hang them on the wall, connect the gas and you are ready to heat your space.  99.9% efficient and extremely safe utilizing an oxygen sensor these are a great option.

Garage furnaces are a lot like the vent free versions where they have a sealed combustions chamber but they also come with a strong epoxy coat finish making them ideal for high traffic and work spaces.

Counterflow furnaces slip seamlessly into your room by fitting in the wall recessed between the studs.  They vent combustion through the ceiling and circulate from ceiling to floor to get heat distributed evenly throughout your space.

Finally, direct vent furnaces require no electric to start making this unit excellent for any location prone to power outages.  They are compact and can cover more than one room with additional accessories purchased separately, really a great solution for any residential furnace needs.