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10000-14999 CFM Units

Evaporative coolers utilize moisture and a high airflow to provide a constant flow of cool and refreshing air. The commercial swamp coolers in the 10,000 to 14,999 CFM range are rather large and can cover a significant amount of space.

Evaporative coolers get their cooling capability by using a saturated media or pad and drawing air over it. The warm air absorbs the moisture and in turn drops the air temperature of the air coming off the unit. Most have a special water system that makes sure the moisture is distributed evenly throughout the pad so that you have a uniform absorption. Like all commercial swamp coolers, this 10000 CFM evaporative cooler is more efficient when the relative humidity is low, which means these are better utilized in low humidity and arid climates.

Another benefit of evaporative coolers is the cost of operation, which is relatively low in comparison to other cooling methods. Additionally, the installation costs are almost zero, since many units just need to be plugged in.