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Dehumidifier Accessories

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  • Dri-Eaz LayFlat Ducting


    Dri Eaz

    Dri-Eaz LayFlat Ducting

    Overview Compatible With Reviews The Dri-Eaz LayFlat Ducting (F268) is a strong, 4-mil poly ducting for nearly any application. You get 500 feet per roll and it is 13" wide while flat and opens to an 8.3" diameter when in use. Cut to length.  ...

  • Dri-Eaz DOP Pre-Filter (4 pk)


    Dri Eaz

    Dri-Eaz DOP Pre-Filter (4 pk)

    Overview Compatible With Reviews The addition of the DOP filter makes the DefendAir HEPA 500 a high efficiency three-stage air filtration unit, ready for any sensitive job requiring first-pass HEPA filtration. With the standard pre-filter, DOP...

  • Dri-Eaz VMax Adapter


    Dri Eaz

    Dri-Eaz VMax Adapter

    Overview Features Tech Specs Accessories PDF Downloads Reviews The Dri-Eaz VMax Adapter (F422) directs the warm, dry air produced by the LGR2800i directly over the floor surface in a focused, laminar flow to help accelerate drying. Installs in...