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General Purpose Air Purifiers

General purpose air purifiers are exactly as stated, they are a good all-around solution for most air filtration applications.  They can be used simply in a home or bedroom for someone with allergies or asthma or in more challenging applications where VOC’s are part of the daily routine like a nail salon.  Air Marketing Group has some of the top of the line products under this category of air purifier.

People that have problems with their indoor air quality show signs of respiratory ailments such as asthma, sinus problems like allergies and infections and even things as serious as migraines, nausea, fatigue and other general discomfort.  The elderly and children are especially affected by these things as they have lower immunity than adults.  All of these problems are preventable to a certain point with just an air purifier for a low upfront cost.

A study recently done showed 97% of homes in North America had an issue with indoor air quality, don’t be part of the majority when it comes to your health and get an air purifier to protect you and your family from harmful particulate and airborne chemicals.  Everyone has a vacuum and that only cleans what is under your feet treat your lungs more importantly and get a general-purpose air purifier.