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Samsung Neo Forte Mini Split Heat Pump (AQV18NSD - 18K Btu)


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  • Cooling Capacity: 18,000 BTU (5,500 - 21,000)
  • Heating Capacity: 20,500 BTU (5,100 - 26,000)
  • Efficiency: 16.0 SEER
  • Voltage: 208/230V-1Ph-60Hz
  • Breaker Size: 20A
  • Water Removal: 10.2 pints per day
  • Don't forget pick condensate pump and line set

The SAMSUNG NEO FORTE MINI SPLIT AQV18NSD embodies simplicity, transcending air conditioning into a whole new concept. The Neo Forte's wide array of innovative features and benefits only enhances it's appeal as a great addition to your living area.

When the Neo Forte is turned on, the system goes into maximum capacity to reach the set temperature. Once the desired temperature is reached, the system adjusts to offset any changes (more people in the room, less people in the room, windows open or closed). What this means is there will be less temperature fluctuations which translates to more comfort for you, all in a very short amount of time.



Home Theater
guestrooms.jpgBonus Room
homegym.jpgHome Gym
gamerooms.jpgGame Gym
bedrooms.jpgMaster Bedroom


Stay Facility
Conference Room


  • Nom Cooling Capacity (Btu/h): 18,000
  • SEER: 16.0
  • Cool Capacity Range (Btu/h): 5,500 to 21,000
  • Nom Heating Capacity (Btu/h): 20,500
  • HSPF: 8.0
  • Heating COP: 3.3
  • Heat Capacity Range (Btu/h): 5,100 to 26,000
  • Refrigerant Type: R410A
  • De-Hum (Pints/Hr): 10.2
  • Power Voltage: 208/230V-1Ph-60Hz
  • Breaker Size: 20A
  • RLA Cooling/Heating (Amps): 7.5/8.2A
  • Controls: Wireless Remote

Indoor Unit

  • Indoor Unit: AQV18NSDN
  • Airflow-High Speed (CFM): 460
  • Fan Speeds: Turbo-High-Med-Low
  • Noise Level Low/High (Db): 30/40
  • Width (inches): 43 1/4"
  • Height (inches): 12 3/8"
  • Total Depth (inches): 8 5/8"
  • Weight (lbs): 28.6
  • Condensate Connection: 11/16" OD

Outdoor Unit

  • Outdoor Unit: AQV18NSDX
  • Outdoor Noise Level (Db): 53
  • Width (inches): 34 5/8"
  • Height (inches): 25 1/8"
  • Total Depth (inches): 12 1/4"
  • Weight (lbs): 101

Line Sets

  • Size: 1/4" & 1/2"
  • Max Line Set Length Including: 98ft
  • Max Vertical Separate of: 49ft
  • Charged with R410A for: 25ft(51.1oz R410A)
  • Additional R410A charge Required: 0.15oz/ft over 25ft


  • Safety: ETL & ETLc
  • Performance: AHRI Certified
  • AHRI Certification#: 3210133

The Samsung Neo Forte Mini Split AQV18NSD embodies simplicity, transcending air conditioning into a whole new concept. The Neo Forte's wide array of innovative features and benefits only enhances it's appeal as a great addition to your living area.

Smart Inverter

Save, Save and Save with Samsung's Smart Inverter. When reducing energy costs with an air conditioner, and inverter is a must. Samsung's S-Inverter technology lowers energy consumption by up to 50% compared to a conventional air conditioner. Its powerful and delicate features allow you to reach the desired temperature so there's less fluctuation and less motor run-time, which translates to a quieter system and less wasted energy.

Comfortable Temperature
Samsung's air conditioner works at maximum capacity on start-up. As soon as the desired temperature is reached, it adjusts to cope with any changes. This means less temperature fluctuations and assures you greater comfort, which can be achieved in minutes.

Up to 50% Energy Savings
After reaching the set temperature, the Air Conditioner changes its operation mode to 'economic'. By avoiding inefficient and frequent switching on and off of the compressor, the Vivace saves up to 50% in energy consumption, compared to a non inverter air conditioner. The Air Conditioner is extremely efficient in saving energy and money.

Silence is Golden
Enjoy the silent operation of your air conditioner. The compressor works at a low speed to maintain the temperature resulting in a quieter motor and minimal fan noise assuring greater comfort and peace of mind.

Good Sleep Mode 2

You sleep with the air conditioner turned off and it gets too hot. You sleep with it turned on, it gets too cold. How do you stay comfortable? With Samsung's Good Sleep II, the room temperature automatically adjusts to your body temperature so you remain comfortable during your sleep. It can even save you up to 36% in energy costs. The quality of sleep you get directly impacts your physical and mental health. Concerned for your health, Samsung has performed extensive tests to determine the ideal temperatures needed to quickly fall asleep, maintain a comfortable sleep environment, and to wake up refreshed. After years of testing, Samsung has developed a precise temperature control system that accurately controls the temperature and humidity in the room during the 3 stages of sleep to ensure users wake up fully refreshed and ready to start the day.

Sleep Efficiency
Good Sleep 2 increases sleep efficiency compared with other competitors. Samsungs 35.8% compared to other competitors at 30.8%.

Pleasant Skin Temperature
Good Sleep 2 keeps your skin comfortable throughout the night with precise temperature control.

Energy Savings
Good Sleep 2 reduced up to 30% of energy consumption compared to a system with normal cooling mode.

Health Care System

Multi-Step Air Purifying System -The Samsung Multi-Step Air Purifying removes virtually all elements that are harmful to people by using various filters. At the same time, the system also keeps the interior of the air conditioner ultra-clean, so only ultra-fresh air is produced.

Step 1 - Silver Coated Filter
The silver coating applied to the filter, serves to trap and removes dust particles.

Step 2 - Silver Nano Evaporator
The fins of the evaporator are triple coated to ensure efficient removal of condensation.

Step 3 - Deodorizing Filter
Activated carbon is incorporated into the filter, efficiently absorbing all odors.

Step 4 - Silver Coated Filter
Catechin is contained in the filter and deactivates captured bacteria. Also helps control the cause of odors associated with bacterial growth.

Step 5 - Anti-Bacterial Cross Fan
Molded with an antibacterial formula to suppress the proliferation of molds and bacteria. Also helps in eliminating odors associated with bacterial growth.

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Factory Warranty: Compressor - 5 Years, Parts - 3 Years

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